A Strange World

walking alone

Its such a strange world.

The moments are fleeting like the melting snow

Its white today and tomorrow its water

The jewels that glimmer and tempt you so hard

You have to dig deeper just to find what’s true and falsehood is shoved right in the face

While goodness is a laughing stock and deceit is sold and happily bought

Currency and status are the guest of honors

And the carpets so lovingly laid out for pomp

But I feel so broken and hollow inside

Too hollow for the temptations to fill me

So strange

It almost makes you sick and so hard to breath

Everything seems so out of place and the pieces just don’t fit. As for those that fit, they don’t always make a pretty picture

Stumbling and tripping I make my way. Will the underdog win? I stand no chance to make my niche

I almost start adapting myself to the delusion. The loud but empty talks.

But the helping hand of Your remembrance. The raising of my head from the long prostration

I have never seen light this way, as if it were a noble messenger

The fog has cleared and the mist has settled, the veils have been lifted and the light has broken every barrier.

And as I look back it all comes back to me

This isn’t a strange world at all

I am a stranger in this far away world…


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