The Messenger Among Us…


Forest mist

Thousands of messengers have come and gone,

And most of us paid heed to none,

Yet there is one that is still among us,

We are still too busy in our own little world,


For pain is a messenger,

one loud and clear,

We are yet to make that emptiness

in our hearts disappear


In the empty crevices the pain takes residence,

Of all we know it is a house guest


For the home, your heart

is a sacred dwelling

Belonging to none other than

the most Beloved


When will you pay heed

to the cries of this messenger

Do you love his company

too much dear believer?


Its just a messenger,

and they come and go,

but never do they leave,

without a word for you to know


The essence of love is not hung on display in markets

the shattered heart of a fallen slave it awaits…..


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