When Words Heal



I remember the times that I begin to drift

Taking the wrong steps, almost committing a sin

My saving grace, my friend in need

Ihdinas sirat Al mustaqeem [1:6]


I remember the peace and joy that I feel

And wonder about every other soul sharing in

A dua for them, a loving feeling

Asalamu alayna wa’ala ibadi Allahi as saliheen


I have found my reward within the healing

From the knife that cuts

And the fall that bleeds

Inna Allah ma’a al sabireen [2:153]


To find the ease in what has begun

To keep what I lived

to keep what I’ve learned

Fa inna ma’a al’usri yusran [94:5]


To the soul that lost the way

Thinking it is all in vain

Come with the pieces, come back soon

Inna Allaha ghafoorun raheemun [2:199]


His words are the saviors

and a shoulder to cry on

and let the believers lean

Wanunazzilu mina al qurani ma huwa shifaon warahmatun lil mumin [17:82]


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