Introspection Is The Key

بسم الله

Just like I see many fingers pointing out, I see a very few fingers pointing in. Its really annoying to see that people actually crib about the faults of others when the have similar faults themselves. We all fall short.  Nobody is perfect, this may be the most clichéd things about humans but its true.self reflection

Even our beloved Prophet ﷺ has said “All the children of Adam constantly err, but the best of those who constantly err are those who constantly repent.” [Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah, Ahmad, Hakim]

Unless we concentrate on our own shortcomings, unless we introspect, how are we going to repent and in turn be of the best. This is the best thing about being human. You always have a chance to better yourself. Just ask for it. The Prophet ﷺ didn’t say that the best of us is those who never make mistakes but in turn it is those who repent the most. So to err is inevitable but it should not stop us from rectifying our mistakes. Its relieving to know that you should rather be busy with yourself, not in a narcissistic way but in a humble, acceptance of the imperfection way then the faults of others become so forgivable.

What today I hate to see most is when muslims are giving a justification to non muslims for the behaviors of some so called “muslim” by saying things like ~ “Islam is perfect, but I’m not. If I make a mistake blame it on me , not my religion ”

Islam needs no justification. If you are worried about the image of Islam you are going to have to worry about your own practice of Islam. Because actions speak louder than words. Its a no-brainer

As a former non muslim, I always heard things against Islam and muslims in particular but it never made me wonder if there is something wrong with Islam because in my view religions always had only good to teach, so it must be the people. There had to be something wrong with them, either the practice of their respective religions or the lack of it. And to an extent I was right. It build a lot of character to see how people spoke about muslims. I felt hurt because somewhere I felt I was the one being blamed and abused without any fault of mine but then I found out, both the sides had equal amounts of faults, different but equal. This has taught me a lot of humility, how we can never be perfect yet we can be complete.

The funny part is, if a person is shown the mirror they could pick a million more faults in their own reflection then they would with another person. As a muslim this is a good chance to start asking for forgiveness and be the best from the children of Adam (as) after all the best of people are those who repent the most and those who repent the most are those who look inside…


Fi amanillah!


5 thoughts on “Introspection Is The Key

  1. Well said ! We all should find ways to better ourselves than to point fingers. May Allah swt increase the Muslims in humbleness before Him (ameen). Humbleness before Allah and for the sake of Allah is the key step to bettering our image before the nonMuslims. We have forgotten our humbleness due before Allah swt which has lead to these issues.

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