Eid For A Revert

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

So this year will be my second Ramadan inshaAllah and it is near enough to make me feel what I am feeling right now. But alhamdulilah ala kulli haal. For indeed with hardship comes ease, Indeed with hardship comes ease [94:5-6]


As Ramadan approacheseid moon

my anticipation has a company.

I smile at the blessed month of joy

but dread the sinking feeling


Its a time of mercy

So what’s making me so anxious

The countdown hasn’t begun

You may ask, what’s the fuss?


Well, its particularly Eid

when its all in the family

A festive time of nearness

I am swept by a painful yearning


Bright joyous faces

Happy childhood memories

To a heart that longs

My Lord knows what they mean


Suddenly I am ashamed,

then comes a wave of mercy.

How I failed to think about

those not as lucky as me


A brother far far away

sits exhausted and lonely

as a husband and a dad

holding back tears quietly


Someone who starves often

from the festivities is afar

Every loaf is a luxury

For him, every meal is iftar


Hearts bleed and homes are burnt

Another day another war

A way to live, a peaceful life

It is all that they used to ask for


I lower my head in realization

With gratitude, I pray

and raise my hands in thanks

Still looking for words to say


Ya’Allah, engulf us in mercy

And shower us with Your grace

Give us enough strength from You

so there’s nothing we couldn’t face


You accept even our meagre deeds,

And forgive from them the worst.

With all my heart I still await a month

When You sent Your merciful Words…


15 thoughts on “Eid For A Revert

  1. Beautiful lines!
    This was particularly touching: “Every loaf is a luxury, For him, every meal is iftar”. Such moments when we realize how lucky we ourselves are, and how we must care for those around, are blessings indeed. Also, I loved the prayer in the end. May Ramadhan bring out the best of Imaan in all of us, and may the bleeding hearts be cured, the burning homes be saved.

  2. Aslkm… just stumbled across your blog… mashallah beautiful articles you have written….

    Was eager to know which part of India you come from?… as even I am from india… hope you don’t mind me asking….

    • Wa alaikum Asalam! So glad to have you stumble here. Jazakillah khair for the kind words! Just checked out your blog. keep it up! I need to be on the blogosphere more because I am really missing out some amazing blogs out here 😛 Oh btw I am from Mumbai. Where are you from??

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