A Letter To Shaitan

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

A’uzu billahi min ash shaitanir rajim

Asalaam alaikum.Reminder; don't forget

This morning something popped into my thoughts that I knew was waswas. It was so funny that I had to write this letter to shaitaan summarizing all of the serious whispers as a reminder to myself. Psst..keep your friends close and your enemies closer 🙂 



Dear Shaitaan,

I only use “dear” because its common courtesy to do so when you write a letter, so don’t get hyped and now that I’m done with the formality I’ll get to the point. What is wrong with you?!?!? umm..I know its’s your job, to send people the wrong way….but this is with regards to the funny things you have been whispering in my head lately and those feeble desperate attempts to get me to your side.

Its like I am not even complaining because alhamdulilah I can tell when its you and when its my own nafs trying to influence me. You are so not subtle!!! When you mock me, it is actually making me appreciate my faith more 😀 Alhamdulilah, right! So don’t think I’ll believe you when you whisper that I look so restrained in my hijab and my beauty is no use now that its hidden because you know what? I have never appeared more beautiful to myself before my hijab and don’t even dare telling me what people will think of me because I would be a fool to try to please the slaves rather than their Lord. Also I am more interested to become a hidden pearl, a slave of God and other such amazing expressions that suits a believer ^.^

The other day you were trying to persuade me to think its all a hoax. Really? Being the master of all hoaxes that is so predictable! #EpicFail. Alhamdulilah that I pray everyday seeking refuge from your cheap tricks.  I have seen blessings, bounties and learned lessons that are enough to show me the face of life without your shoddy veils and affirm my faith in the Truth that there is no other truth except Al Haqq.

Oh and about that thing you were telling me with so much wile, how even muslims have left their deen behind and that they are so happy about it so its really no use to be a muslim nowadays? *smh* Guess what Mr Goody Two-shoes most people you have duped with the same old trick are crying and wishing they had chosen the straight path before falling and many of them are happily returning to the Most Forgiving. Jealous much?

Most people in this world are so engrossed in their lives and that they are busy enjoying it to the fullest leaving behind religion and stuff to find contentment and I should do the same? So?? FYI I have already lived that life and you really do invite to poverty man. I found nothing but a vacuum where you promised the world and then I was the one begging for forgiveness when you were no where to be heard? Surely, you were in a corner crying over those failed attempts for which you worked so hard and plotting new ways. Right? right? I now know what being content actually means. Thanks but no thanks  -_-

And what did you tell those people about me? the ones that were suspicious and unimpressed and said things they shouldn’t have? Yeah, I know that was you and you know what I don’t care because my faith is between me and Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) and no one is privy to it so it really doesn’t matter because the One I am doing this for knows me inside out. Ouch

How can I ever be ungrateful to the One who has bestowed infinite mercy on me, one of which is recognizing your cunning ways and even promised me forgiveness if I ever fall for your ways. Just two simple to-do’s, tawba and dua and I am as good as new. Who turns away from that? May He forgive me for even an ounce of ingratitude I have and replace it with eyes that see.

And then you threaten me with my weak spot, my family. What they will say and how they will react. May even they see through you some day. But here, why should I even worry when I have to be ultimately answering to the One who created them and me When you have the Lord of everything by your side, it doesn’t really make sense to even go near despair. That’s what you were aiming for weren’t you? May you always miss your aim.

I know you are not going to stop with your schemes and I know you must be enraged reading this but its to inform you that I am onto you and I’ll try my best inshaAllah to fight you and even my lazy nafs that sometimes acts as your unwilling sidekick *eye roll* and as much as I can I will try to live by the words of My Lord and make dua that me and my brothers and sisters see through your ugly tactics before we are too late. We are going to fight you with the Quran and sunnah and someone who fights so clean and strong is going to be a hard nut to crack (inshaAllah :))

Yours sincerely (not),

Child of Adam (as)

PS: This is not to underestimate the power of the devil.  May Allah subhana wa ta’ala protect us from shaitan, the accursed.  


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