The first step…

That’s us! Reverts in India 🙂

The Indian Reverted Muslimah...

As salaamu ‘alai kum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

I live in India. Born an brought up in West Bengal, I lived there for almost 18 years of my life after which I moved to Pune, Maharashtra to pursue my law course. It has been seven years since I technically did my Shahdah and reverted to Islam. My knowledge since then was limited to the five pillars of Islam. Nevertheless, I was not steadfast in my prayers or islamic on a daily life basis. I never disclosed to my friends and family about my reversion and nobody could actually tell seeing me that the heart within has true faith in Allah and his messenger (saw).

During the time I was away from my family in Pune, i secretly joined a Quran teacher, “apa” as I fondly address her and Alhamdulillah over 4 years I gained a lot of knowledge about…

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