There is Always a Silver Lining


I still clearly remember the day of the Charlie Hebdo attacks. Nquote-each-side-takes-the-position-of-the-man-who-was-arrested-for-swinging-his-arms-and-hitting-another-zechariah-chafee-304379ot because of the news about how ‘islamists’ had struck again and given the world another reason to condemn Islam. I remember that day for completely different reasons.

My country currently reflects the same political atmosphere against Islam and muslims that the rest of the world and its media today harbors. As a muslim, no matter how patient I try to be, it still breaks parts of me when I hear deliberate provoking and mud slinging directed at our beautiful faith.

But that day was different. That day I found out how far off the media was from portraying the truth. I was travelling in the local transport of my city which is usually crowded. The public transport mirrors the true nature of the melting pot that the place I come from is, where people from all kinds of faiths, culture, customs and identities travel as one body.


There is always a silver lining

So this is where it got interesting. A middle-aged man, apparently drunk began picking on two men who were seemingly muslims. They were traveling with a huge travel bag. He began taunting and prodding them to open up their bags or show it to the railway police so they could check if its safe. He was continuously ranting about how it is dangerous to let “them” get away unchecked. Both the muslim men were mostly quite, telling him to keep quite once in a while but he would rant some more.

By this point every one on the train was going about their own business because everyone knows how vain it is to try to make a silly drunk man see sense. I wondered whether people around me were able to identify the obvious jabs being made at two people just because they were muslims and the racial undertones this man was spewing in his drunk blabbering. To be honest, it even scared me a bit. Call me paranoid, but in the past few months I had read almost everyday about tiny altercations politically fueled or otherwise that turned into full fledged riots.

At one point the man said something unacceptable. He started making loose comments about how even “their” burqa-clad women could be partnering in their shady business. At this point a few people decided that he had said enough and they started telling him off and ordering him to either shut up or get off the train. Some even defended the two men saying it was none of the man’s business to know what they are carrying in their bags until they are right here. These were common folks who worked hard every day to earn and feed their families and this may be the only thing they shared with the two muslim men at that point. And sure enough, he backed down.IMG_20150117_160707picmonkey

Even after they got off, people still chatted and questioned each other on why they didn’t speak up sooner and let this man keep talking non-sense. SubhanAllah! These were strangers questioning each other’s responsibility to defend someone and especially a muslim! Allahu Akbar! I cannot say how heart-warming it was for me to be there and witness it.

…Certainly no one despairs of Allah’s Mercy, except the people who disbelieve.” {Quran 12:87}

Next day I found about the murders in France and how most of the world was talking about the attack on their freedom of expression. It was a sad day, I am of the view that people can change and do change and if they do not then that is between them and Allah however it is ironic how in a country people have the freedom to insult, abuse and offend muslims and anyone for that matter but muslims do not have the freedom to cover up. Can’t a person have freedom of expressing their faith?

Nonetheless, what that particular day taught me was with hardship there certainly is ease and that not all things are as they seem. Believer’s should not despair but remember that true judgement is reserved for the Last Day.

And to Allah belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth. And We have instructed those who were given the Scripture before you and yourselves to fear Allah . But if you disbelieve – then to Allah belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth. And ever is Allah Free of need and Praiseworthy. {Quran 4:131}


10 thoughts on “There is Always a Silver Lining

  1. Wow.. Amazing words indeed.. Your writing is always so dynaminc… May allah grant you the best in both the dunya and the aakhira.. May he fulfill all your wishes and make you successful in all your endeavors.. Jazakallah for keeping us entertained and always teaching us things…

  2. SubhanAllah! Recently I have been seeing many such social experiment videos on YouTube. They set up cameras and the actors (all muslims) put up an act (the commoners have no idea about this) wherein a non muslim hurls abuses to a muslim on the streets. Just like that, randomly! The experiment was to see how people around them react. And Masha’allah! It was such a pleasure to see people standing up for the muslim brother.

    May Allah give hidayat to everyone and ease it for muslims around the world. Ameen.

    Beautiful post sis. Looking forward to your posts ❤

  3. Assalamu alaikum sister your blog is really interesting.

    So glad I can across it please post About what you do hobby wise

    Heres my blog im also a revert from London

    • Wa alaikum Asalam sister I am so glad you found it as well. Alhamdulilah!. May Allah keep you steadfast. Ameen. I’ll post soon inshaAllah 🙂 n i’ll be dropping by soon inshaAllah 😀

  4. Compelling read my friend but if you don’t feel offended can I ask you a simple question. Don’t you think we (I am a muslim too) have done something to earn that bad general view of people? I mean aren’t our hands painted in dirty shades?

    • Yes I completely get you. Acknowledging the problem is the start of solving it and ma shaa Allah I appreciate your introspective view. This is what we as muslims need most. I have found that just thinking about our painted hands brings only negativity. As a revert I have a soft corner for muslims as well as non muslims (though I have not been immune to hurt from either). I just try my best to actively look at the good so that we can be the reason for changed views by returning evil with good when the chance comes. 🙂

      • I understand and agree with what you say, hurt, when I as a born muslim wasn’t spared then you would be forced to bear more.. I just wish Indian Muslim gain worldly as well as Islamic education, so they know what is wrong and right.

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