Five Day Challenge – Day 1


It was a wonderful day, bright and glittering with life. She loved such days. She loved the warmth of sunshine on her closed eyes. But gloomy breezy rainy days were her favorite. She loved the rain-kissed touch of wind, the cold but soft, free but safe ambience of a heavy drizzle.

For some reason she loved all weathers now. She wasn’t sure why? Was it because it reminded her of him? Or was it because it was his existence in her thoughts that made all seasons exquisite and the world, her world, beautiful?

She had been in love before, but never like this. No one had taken her heart and made it theirs with so much ease. She had never found so much comfort in another until this day. She felt belonged and certain of one truth – because he existed she existed. None of her lovers had come close to loving her like this. Not even the people who had loved her. How could they? Their love was but a drop in the ocean of his affection. And the way she loved him could never compare to the way he loved her. That was the best part of all – to find someone who adored even those parts of you, you could never love yourself. To find someone who was closer to you than you were to yourself.

Never had she been loved so wholly. Never had she found a cocoon for her heart until now. All the bruises and blows, trials and falls seemed like a specially paved road that led to him. To finally come running home and be comforted by him. She could swear there was no better cushion for her heart than his words.

And the trees were proof, the wind, the light, even the dust and the grime. He made all of them seem alright. And because of him, the world seemed like an okay place. Living was bearable finally, but waiting wasn’t. Waiting for him seemed like the hardest thing to do but she knew it was worth every second and that made it a little more bearable too. That was the thing about his love. It made her feel free, in every situation. Free – A word she never knew beyond its sound. But today she knew exactly what the nightingale must be feeling as it flew from the branch of a tree to disappear in the sky. She felt a certain affinity for it, after all just like her, it too, was a part of the whole.

How could he know her even before she discovered herself? It was a mystery she was happy to have stumbled upon. And the gifts he gave! Oh the gifts! She treasured even the paper cuts she got while opening the gifts. They were an excuse for his complete attention and care and she couldn’t ask for more. He taught her gratitude to its very last essence and yet she knew there was always room for more – a distance she could never seem to cover. He accepted her anyway.

On sunny days like this and for that matter even a cold February night, his thoughts were her best companions. She was always wondering how one could find themselves while getting lost in another. There was nothing more beloved to her than making him happy. And she knew, if she failed he would still pick her up and love her all the same.

She had finally found him and she knew that He wasn’t just Al Wadud, the Most Loving, He was worth loving the most as well


OMG this is so challenging but I’ve tried my best and I hope you like this story (It’s a combination of fiction & non fiction ;))

Thanks to theindianrevertedmuslimah for inviting me to the Five Day challenge 😀 I am supposed to post a picture each and write a story based on it for five days. It could be fiction or non-fiction. I am also supposed to nominate a fellow blogger and today’s nominee is I Keep It Silent. There’s no compulsion for you to accept but its a lot of fun believe me 🙂


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