Five Day Challenge – Day 3


It was 8 in the morning. The dazzling rays of the sun were piercing the crystal rainbow maker on the windowpane.

Firasat loved simply watching this play of light with the hanging crystal. He found the pretty rainbow spectrum that the crystal projected, the prettiest sight. How a single ray of white light scattered to form a path of all colors that exist. The rainbow made his heart fill with joy and hope for a reason he couldn’t understand.
He would sit there in the morning, right by the window and wait for his friend Samuel to pass by.
They were not on talking terms. Mom had told little Firasat in clear words that he should stay away from his friend. He was not one of us.

Firasat was never able to figure out what that meant. He still remembered how both of them spent their play time, digging for bugs, watching birds peck away at the stumps of trees for food, checking on the neighborhood dog and getting it to do tricks and then laughing at each other for fooling around. They were anything but different.

He wanted to play with his friend. He wanted to tell him about the new game they invented at school. But most of all he wanted to feel his presence. It was like his personal rainbow maker had been snatched away. Nothing else mattered.

He stared at the now glistening stone for sometime, it was scattering the spectrum of light even farther now. Every color vividly visible.
The play of light made a profound impact on Firasat’s little mind and he ran down stairs like he had stumbled on life’s scret and couldn’t wait to tell his mother. Panting, he bought his mom to watch the rainbow with him and pointing at the colors it reflected on the walls said –
“Mother, look, Sam and me are like the colors on the rainbow, we split from the same white light. How could we be different?”


I know I took forever to post this and maaf if you have been waiting but something is better than nothing right? LOL. I hope I don’t take as much to post the last two posts in this challenge inshaAllah :/ JazakumAllahu khair for reading :D. Comments always appreciated. Today’s nominee is Faith is where the heart is. I would love if you would take the challenge forward and if you don’t it would really hurt me (just kidding :P) There is no compulsion at all! All you have to do is choose a picture each day and write a story based on them for five days. It could be fiction or non-fiction. You can also nominate someone else for the challenge. BarakAllahu feeki!