Allah Knows Best..

Nearly 8,000 Muslims prayed the namaaz-e-janaza for Yakub Memon today. With that ended the 20+ years of pursuit for justice.

Did those who had lost their families in the blast really found justice? Was Yakub among those who pursued justice? We will never know.
What we do know is Allah is Al Adl, the Most Just.


We only saw a man who plead innocence till his last night in this world.
We saw a man whose voice was lost in the rabble for retribution,  whose claim of innocence pressed under unrelenting need for affirmation and to punish the guilty, whose last words were for the acceptance of this punishment on behalf of his brothers sin, but rejection of it due to the faith in his innocence.

Was he really innocent or was he punished for the stains on him that his brother’s sins painted?

We will never know but Allah knows and Allah sees everything.

He sees the innocence of those who claimed it till their last breath and of those that never even got a chance to do so.

What we can only take from this end is that this is not the end.
This is not the place where justice prevails but on the Day of Judgement, everything will be crystal clear.

Who cast the first stone? Why is the justice in this country not just? Who decides the punishment?

What we can only hope and pray for is that if Yakub was guilty of even one atom’s weight of wrong, then his death may not have been in vain.

We pray that we are able to account for our worst of sins in this world and not the next. That when we meet Allah, we meet Him in a state of fewer sins and with lots of repentance in our account.

That when we meet Allah, we would have turned to Him before returning to Him.

Yakub knew that he will die, many of us may not and repentance will then become a luxury.

Yakub may never have had a shot at justice, but he had a shot at forgiveness. And in the end, in the real end, that is what will make all the difference.

And Allah knows best.