Back to Basics


It’s been almost a year I wrote here. And here I am again.

So much has changed and yet so much remains the same since the first time I picked up a pen and spilled words in a diary. So much has changed since I decided to formed words from my thoughts and since I made the courage to get up and do something about my life. After a long winter and bouts of summer I had decided it was enough and with the name of Allah set out to do something I never imagined I had the strength to do. I decided to write professionally.

And if any one was wondering where I’ve been, it’s where I was, writing for my life. I never fathomed this after all, this blog would be the beginning of reconnecting to what I’d once lost or rather had forgotten.

So much like becoming muslim.

A day ago a friend reminded me how I was an amazing writer in school. I remember an essay I’d penned in my 9th standard exam paper. I didn’t know it then but it felt like a spring inside me had found its way out. And the result was an amazing essay I was absolutely proud of as soon as I had completed it.

The cherry on top of the cake was when the teacher thought the same. Bless her, she loved my essay so much she actually read it out in front of the whole class. Though I wasn’t there that very day to be sitting beaming with pride but I remember being weirdly enchanted with my little achievement.

Now, after so many years, after so much struggle and work I’ve come back to it. I never imagined I’d be writing on and off field and there would be people paying me for it. And this blog has been the launching pad for all that I would be. I know that spring I found sitting on a bench in the exam hall is still here. Sometimes I come across it unexpectedly.

I like to believe Islam has a way of reconnecting you to your origins, to your once pure ambitions.

So here I am. In sha Allah and this time I truly madly deeply want to keep my blog alive and well. Expressing my thoughts and reflecting on life and Islam.

BTW of course I’ve been writing. I contribute on Quora as well

So you can expect many rants and opinionated posts on my experiences.

May Allah make it a means of good for me and for anyone reading. Ameen

This blog however will always be that special place I started from. It’s been through my ups and downs but mostly my downs. I wish to resurrect it once again. Here goes nothing….

Bismillah 🙂




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