Why the World is Not Black and White


When you’re a Muslim, you just cannot go a meter without running into an overzealous person trying to teach you their version of Islam. Indeed sometimes, that can be you yourself.

Through my journey on trying to become a better Muslim and learning about Islam, I’ve struggled quite a bit. In part it’s what makes this journey so unique and heartfelt. I can feel every color and emotion of being human. And alhamdulillah, I believe it is this reflection of my own weaknesses, this humanness of not being able to comprehend it all that keeps me saying Ya Allah guide me, help me. Blessed is the confusion that shows me I’ll always be in need of Allah SWT

No wonder, the very composition, order and significance of Surah Al Fatiha makes so much sense.

All this imperfection to comprehend all the information about Islam and the struggle to put it in practice can be overwhelming. And I think the way I’ve been praying salah is the perfect symbol of this struggle. From following a madhab’s women’s prayer, to praying like men to doing something of my own out of sheer confusion symbolizes all the other struggles I’ve faced practicing Islam. And I’m amazed time and again how much peace it can still bring alhamdullilah. Allah is truly the Most Patient and the Most Merciful.

It also means I am learning and growing. Just like the seed that takes time to become a tree or the crescent moon that takes time to become full. And you want people to see that even if they want to judge you. The problem starts when they refuse to.

So coming back to overzealous people and specifically muslims. I think a folly that lot of such people make is thinking the world is made up of just two shades – Black and White.

So you are either good or evil

Beautiful or ugly

Alive or dead

Successful or unsuccessful

Terrorist or Non Muslim

Muslim or Disbeliever

Anyone who understands the message of Islam and it’s discouragement against extremism can smell the coffee.

Our world is neither heaven nor hell then why do people who don’t agree with us instantly brand us as the worst creature in their sight? Why can’t there be room for possibilities? I’ll never know.

But the people I refer to, they are SO hyperfocused on a single trait they oppose, they become completely blind. They don’t realize how absurd, ignorant and presumptuous their generalization is. Either you are a muslim* (their terms and conditions applied) or a polytheist, disbeliever and the likes. In their blindness they don’t realize they are assuming extremity to an extent that doesn’t even exist. They are recognized by their extreme pro-something trait but in truth they are anti-something else.

I’d just like to tell them I am as human as you are. So if you think I’m doing something wrong explain it to me and let me take my time to understand and contemplate my position according to my understanding.

Stop saying I am a disbeliever

Stop saying I am a polytheist

Stop letting your ego take over your good sense.

Stop letting shaytan tell you how strong and truthful you are

Stop this anti-dawah

Not only because it hurts me but also because I am sure you’re not sparing anyone else and in turn risking someone’s experience of learning Islam and becoming a Muslim.

God forbid if that poor someone is already on the fence about Islam and Muslims with one step out of the door, I promise your behavior is anti-Islamic. You may just push someone out and break their belief in Islam. Any Muslim will hate to be that person.

If I don’t eat pie, doesn’t mean I am in love with pudding. If I love pizza, doesn’t mean I hate burgers. If I am not a Muslim (according to your fallible interpretation) doesn’t mean I am a polytheist. If I don’t follow your position, doesn’t mean I worship scholars who have a different position.

This world is NOT black and white, don’t let yours be.

Let the sincerity to worship Allah alone prevail. Lets resign to the fact that indeed only Allah knows best.

Invite to the way of your Lord with wisdom and good instruction, and argue with them in a way that is best. Indeed, your Lord is most knowing of who has strayed from His way, and He is most knowing of who is [rightly] guided.. {16:125}




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