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So someone asked me on Quora Why do people convert to Islam even after knowing its origin and history? Of course they meant the alleged barbaric and violent spread of Islam. So before I post what I answered (the question was deleted and I’m a rebel who doesn’t like their voice muffled) I would love to know how common this is. I know a couple of people and I’m sure this is quite more common than I know.

So here’s the answer:-

Why do people convert to Islam even after knowing its origin and history?

I think it is exactly the origin and history of Islam that makes people convert to Islam.

First they are repulsed by what they hear of muslims. They want to know what ticks these people. And all they see is the tag of “muslim” so naturally its got something to do with that religion of theirs.

They’re so honestly concerned and enraged they want to find out all about it. Some people are just inquisitive. The degree of intrigue is different but the goal is the same: what does this religion teach? Why is it such an “oxymoron”?

And then they dig in, some playfully, some seriously, some with a lot of hate but a clean heart.

They try to know all about it from muslim as well as non muslims sources. Most can see through the crap and get to the bottom of it all.

They are shocked to know not only is islam better than that, it’s better than anything they’ve ever know.

And they convert because like a revert friend of mine once said about the conclusion, that islam was not false. Not only that, but it was true.



What do you think? Do you know anyone who got to studying islam out of spite and then converted?


2 thoughts on “A Quora Question

  1. I am a revert too, embraced Islam right after 9/11 and for a peculiarly funny reason i did not judge the religion based on that. However, i have come across many people who tend to believe the misconceptions that the media spreads about Islam. I remember a neighbor i had many years back when i reverted. he got the opportunity to let me sleep at his place when i lost my key and he confessed his fear of Muslims, that he freaks out every time he sees a Muslim walk into the supermarket (he is a cashier) dressed in thobe and long beards……he keeps expecting the words Allahu akbar and the whole place goes Kabooom!!! he only breathes easy when the Muslim leaves, so he was really surprised when i told him what islam REALLY is!

    • Masha Allah! Happy to hear about your reversion. May Allah keep you firm. I bet the man’s face was a sight to behold. Its sad that such misconceptions are common but I do hope our interactions help break the stereotype.

      I had a neighbor’s daughter (I was trying to sneak dawah her) once tell me how her father deterred them from befriending muslims because “they can backstab you any time” SubhanAllah I had no words for the prejudice people are teaching their kids. How far from the truth it is. If only we could practice our deen more and let them see the truth. May Allah help us represent His deen in a fitting way. Ameen

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