Sometimes we fail to realize how what we assume, predict, plan, fuss over is way off the mark from what really happens.

And that what really happens is the best of what could have been because it was planned by The Best Planner. Make the best dua you can make and know that He is the One who answers.

The Indian Reverted Muslimah...

-“And your Lord is the Free of need, the possessor of mercy” (Quran, 6:133)

Have you ever wondered the mercy Allah swt has put in time? How as time passes every problem, sourness or heart break heals. Indeed Allah subhana wa ta’ala is Ash Shafee- The Healer. Like every sickness, He heals hearts as well.

There are moments I sit back and reflect upon the small journey that I have traversed. Alhamdulillah, the feeling is nothing less than being “overawed”. Who could have ever planned a life this way? All the twist, turns, happy and good times. The unimaginable position I am in today and the incomprehensible position I will be five years down the line. How many of us end up exactly where we had planned? I, at least, had never imagined to be here in this city, amidst the people I am and doing the things that…

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