The Revert Miyabhai Blog Revamp

The only thing constant is change

~ Heraclitus, A Greek Philosopher

You know how it is.

You do things, then the world changes. More particularly your world changes and you metamorphose into a more confident version of yourself.

I think I am going through something like that. Or maybe it’s just my creative side wanting to play. In any case, I’ve decided to give this blog a bit of makeover. Now that I’ve been posting here regularly (though not as regularly as I would like) and am a bit surer of the direction I want to take this blog into, I think it’s time to change some things and turn the heat up on here.

You’ll see the theme has changed and it’s very lowkey or watered down compared to the floral and playful look I had before.The reason I’ve chosen this theme is that I want the writing to take center stage.

I am looking to post in a refined manner and how I am coming into my own 3 years after I took my shahada.

My posts so far really felt like a coming together of something, alhamdulillah. And this feels like the beginning of something fresh with regards to what I express.

I hope you will love the final look and are excited about what’s in store as much as I am!

Assalam alaikum wa rehmatullah wa barakatu!




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