Trumpistan? NO. Call It What It Is – America

It wasn’t until recently that I became highly aware of how fatal the “western values are superior” construct is. So much so that a lot of people and the media came up with the term “Trumpistan.”

What can be more ironic?

The very American pie Donald Trump who is additionally a quite proudly a racist, sexist, bigoted and an acclaimed islamophobe now holds the most powerful office in the world. And yet somehow America is being socially renamed with a suffix that is common for Muslim majority nation to have.

Why? Because what Trump says seems like it comes from a warlord somewhere in Afghanistan.

Why? Because western values are so superior that it is impossible to come to terms with a very bigoted, sexist, racist leader that is as western as anyone else. So let’s give this dystopia a name which demonstrates the exact opposite of our values because hey it can’t happen to me.

Wake up and smell the sh*t on the fan because this really is happening in America and he really is a true blue American regardless of his values.

It’s amusing. And it pisses me off sometimes but it is also funny.


Don’t get me wrong. I am in no way averse to anything western. I’ve loved and enjoyed a lot of North American pop culture and continue to do so. And I firmly believe that most western cultures have a lot of basic Islamic ethics that they get right, even more than some Muslim majority countries.

In short I am not your west hating right wing fanatic fundamentalist Muslim.

What we forget is that human values or humanity is not the domain of a single nation or community nor is human cruelty and fallacy. They are common to all humans. Hijacking the positive values and simply adding your own cultural parameters do not make them superior or native to a particular group.

This is especially relevant in a world where Muslims are deterred from claiming the same imperfection that is inherent to the rest of humanity.

And this becomes even more important considering it is nothing but dangerous to group humanity into good and bad based on where they were born or what faith they follow or what color their skin is.

It allows you to denigrate other humans and even invade their countries over fictitious reasons and not give two hoots about the consequences. It allows you to treat other humans in a sub human way, degrading their survival and the right to live in peace. It allows you to kill them for no reason at all except the color of their skin. And this is a reminder to everyone including Muslims.

So no. Don’t call it Trumpistan. Call it what it is – The United States of America.

And know that the enemy is NOT a bunch of people with beards and women that hide their hair and skin in a far away country. The enemy is within and without. And it is time to start recognizing it by its evil consequences of oppression, injustice, and harm to us ALL rather than its eastness or westness.

Phew. Just a bit of American politics for you. Did I tell you I love talking politics?

Watch out for more 😉