Muslim Bloggers On The Block

In the name of Allah, The Most Appreciative

When I started out here I had no idea about the amazing blogs by muslims that were around on wordpress. The one thing that I am tremendously thankful for through my blogging is discovering them. MashaAllah!! May Allah bless each one of them!

So recently *blushes* 🙂 I was awarded the “muslim blogger” award by two very inspiring ladies – sister Aisha and sister Sumaira and coming from them its an honor for me and also since its my first award (yayy ^_^) Alhamdulilah!

JazakAllah khair to sister Aisha who started this award for the opportunity to show appreciation!

Here are the rules for accepting this award:wpid-muslimbloggerawarda

● Display the Award anywhere on your Blog.

● Announce your win anywhere within a blog post and link back to the Blogger who awarded you, to thank them.

● Optional: Include an English translation of one of your favorite surahs or verses from the Quran, with Book & Verse notation

● Optional: Present at least 7 deserving Bloggers with this Award, if you are able. If you are not able, the award is still yours – Congratulations!

● If you are able to generate another round of this award, please Link your Awardees in the post and let them know of their being awarded with a comment (or a pingback).

Here are my awardees!!

The Wind Up Bird Speaks


The Muslimah Mommy

Seeking The Divine Countenance


Anchor with Keidi

Aisha’s Oasis


YasSarNal QuR’aN

JoyManifest’s Blog

Judge Yourself Honestly


Wake Up And Smell The Lassi !

.~>Diary Of A Veiled Princess…!<~.


Onigiri The Rice Ball

Carpe Noctem



Marriage Seeking Muslimah

I keep it silent

Random Pages

Between Sisters, SVP

May Allah SWT bless you all abundantly and grant you lots of success in this world and the next. And may Allah bless and forgive our ummah. Ameen! 🙂 ❤

Our Lord, indeed we have heard a caller calling to faith, [saying], ‘Believe in your Lord,’ and we have believed. Our Lord, so forgive us our sins and remove from us our misdeeds and cause us to die with the righteous. [3:193]


Fi amanillah!!



A Letter To Shaitan

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

A’uzu billahi min ash shaitanir rajim

Asalaam alaikum.Reminder; don't forget

This morning something popped into my thoughts that I knew was waswas. It was so funny that I had to write this letter to shaitaan summarizing all of the serious whispers as a reminder to myself. Psst..keep your friends close and your enemies closer 🙂  Continue reading